• Stamping/Blanking Up to 2500T including Closure Panels
  • Assembling/Hemming
  • Welding
  • Ecoating
  • After-hem Sealing
  • Warehousing
  • Factory Assist & Emergency Offload
  • Program Integration
  • Management of Complexity
  • Flexibility through Customized Processes
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  • Product & Process Development
  • Formability Simulation
  • Die Design & Material Utilization
  • Assembly Process & Weld Engineering
  • DFMA & Dimensional Engineering
  • Program & Project Management from Concept to Production
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Tooling & Automation

  • Stamping Dies
  • Progressive, Line, & Transfer Dies Including Class A Outer Skin
  • Management of Checking Gauges & Fixtures
  • Offshore Build Programs
  • Tryout Services
  • Flexible Automated Welding & Assembly Cells
  • Flexible Automated Hemming Systems
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ArtiFlex Manufacturing is excited to announce it has acquired US Forming Technologies (US Form Tech), a leading boutique engineering firm specializing in stamping process prediction and engineering solutions for stamping die manufacturers.

US Form Tech strengthens the die engineering and product development capabilities at ArtiFlex, enhancing our leadership in low-volume tooling and equipment, difficult to manufacture stamped products, and speed to market for completely tooled production.

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