AutoMatrix is a Grand Rapids, Michigan based company that was originally formed in 1946.

Automatrics was established in 1997 with the intent of focusing on design, installation and servicing of electrical control systems. Soon after establishing the business, a related company called Robotic Services was acquired. In addition, the newly formed company then integrated with another company called Multifeed to form today the company known as AutoMatrix.

In April of 2012 AutoMatrix was acquired by ArtiFlex Manufacturing.

AutoMatrix currently provides solutions, service and parts for automation of manufacturing systems. We have established formal alliances with industry leading robotics OEM's while also developing seamless relationships with a broad base of
automation-centric suppliers to ensure expertise to solve the most complex customer challenges.

Our infrastructure includes capabilities for Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly, Installation, Service and Parts Support for robotics and hard automation solutions across a broad set of customers and industry segments.