AutoMatrix, our automation division, is capable of producing high quality hard automation and robotic cells to improve cost and time effectiveness for our customer. We utilize in-house 3-D CAD designs to ensure we create the system to best meet our customer’s standards and expectations.

Some of our capabilities include:

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  • Robotic and hard automation welding systems
  • Robotic and hard automation material removal and loading systems
  • Robotic and hard automation palletizing systems
  • Robotic machine tending
  • Robotic and hard automated assembly cells  


Flexible Automated Weld and Assembly Cells
Our Capabilities include Engineering, Fabrication, Assembly, and Installation.   We specialize in designing and manufacturing Automated Weld and Assembly Cell systems.  Whether it is a robotic or hard automation solution, we seek the optimal solution for our clients within given time and budget allotments.  Our objective is to provide products that exceed our customer’s expectations. 

Flexible Automated Hemming systems
Our special design system integrates our robotics and hem anvils to create a precision Hem.   We have verified that robotic hem cells are faster for change over, adjusting programs and part processing.  This type of hem process is more easily adjusted when making changes for quality purposes as well as if engineering changes occur.  We have found that this saves time from concept to production as well as a cost savings of the tooling.