The manufacturing facilities of ArtiFlex offer very flexible processes and a wide range of options to meet customers needs. One of the biggest advantages is our ability to offer a complete value chain from start to finish of a part. The core manufacturing capabilities we offer, all under one roof, are blanking, stamping, assembly, hemming, ecoating, packaging, and warehousing.

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Blanking and Stamping

Our Ohio locations have 11 Tandem press lines, 70 presses with tonnage ranging from 70T to 2500T and bed sizes ranging from 60” to 180” left to right with double action air cushion draw presses in most lines. Four press lines are fully automated, with a fifth planned to be automated in the near future. This stamping capability is uniquely suited for large body panels with low to mid range volume, but is flexible enough to handle smaller components as well and high volume factory assist type of work.

Our Grand Rapids locations have 19 presses, with tonnage ranging from 200T to 1600T, bed sizes from 84” to 208” left to right, that are primarily used for die tryout, but can handle low volume, small lot stamping as well.

Our Frankfort, Kentucky location has 11 presses, with tonnage ranging from 60T to 1100T, and bed sizes up to 240” left to right.  This location is great for smaller components and can handle low to high volume products.


With over 66 flexible assembly cells within our manufacturing facilities, we offer options to our customers that allow simple, lower cost processing to very complex and precision assembled components. These cells are all uniquely designed and built internally for our processing. Each cell is capable of being changed over to run a different part as needed and many have over 50 parts that run through them in a given year. This capability provides our customers with a low capital investment for either new production work or transitioning service work to our facilities.

We are capable of manual and robotic versions of all of the following competencies:
  • Resistance Spot welding
  • MIG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Rivet fastening
  • Toggle Lock fastening
  • Mastic & Adhesive application
  • Hemming (conventional hem dies, units or roller hem)
  • After Hem Sealing

Ecoat, Packaging & Warehousing

E-coat is a high-quality, corrosion resistant primer that can be applied to a thickness of up to 1.50 mil and a maximum part size of 72” x 156” on most metal substrates including steel and aluminum. The ArtiFlex e-coat line is located along side our stamping and assembly operations, saving valuable time and transportation costs for our customers. ArtiFlex packages parts to meet our customers’ individual needs. We design and develop packaging for individual parts, bulk parts, or special shipments, as well as device racks. We evaluate our customers’ packaging and many times uncover cost savings opportunities that can be passed on and improve package security. We also offer warehousing for parts to help with customer logistics, distribution and inventory needs. We have several programs in place that can be tailored to the customer, such as Fab and Hold, Fab and Carry and Bill and Hold.

Factory Assist/Emergency Offload

Experiencing an equipment breakdown or planned maintenance? Planning a new product launch or tryout? ArtiFlex Manufacturing’s highly flexible and responsive environment allows us to quickly respond to customer manufacturing emergencies. Factory assists and emergency offloads are managed by controlling all aspects of the offload including, tool and equipment movement, quality planning, production and capacity planning and logistical support. We understand that inventory disruptions can be extremely costly. Our customers know they can count on us during emergency situations to keep their facilities working.