Program Management and Integration

One of our core competencies and strengths as an organization is our management of extremely complex parts and business systems. Due to the nature of low volume OE programs and past model service production, there is a need to be flexible and fast in responding to the ever changing demands of the customer.

ArtiFlex manages complexity such as:
  • Over 30 customers (Including: Chrysler, Ford, GM, Nissan, BMW, Worthington Engineered Cabs, Mazda, Honda, John Deere)
  • Over 10,000 individual stamping or sub assembly components
  • Over 3,500 finished good part numbers with varying annual volumes
  • Over 30,000 dies and fixtures
  • Over 30,000 racks, baskets, and containers
  • Over 20,000 purchased components, sealants, and fasteners

Specifically, in the past model service business, we will reverse engineer products and processes so that the highly unique and customized equipment used in production environments is not required to be transitioned to our facility. We will internally design and build fixtures around the part that then fit into our flexible assembly cells, eliminating the expensive costs of tear out and transportation for the OE customers and reducing the overall footprint needed to manufacture the parts.

For lower volume production requirements, ArtiFlex has an Ultra Low Volume Die (ULVD) and Ultra Low Volume Assembly (ULVA) strategy that ultimately reduces capital investment for our customers while still maintaining the same high standards of quality and precision needed for the design of the part. ArtiFlex will design processes to match product volume, design and production needs. This strategy is ideal for annual volumes ranging from 1,000/year to 30,000/year, reducing tooling capital investment, minimizing dedicated stamping and assembly equipment required, utilizing flexible manufacturing methods, and reducing lead times from tool design to first part production.