Quality Systems

The mission of the quality departments within our organization is to interpret and teach the requirements of our customer’s to all levels of the organization, enabling us to operate as a support and guidance function to manufacturing. The quality of our product is expected to exceed the needs and requirements of customer.  In order to do this we have made it our company’s obligation to continue to advance in our technical skills and abilities, investing not only in our equipment but also in our employees.  By making these investments in our metrology equipment and EDI capabilities it allows us to be versatile as an organization.
 ArtiFlex Quality Policy
ArtiFlex Manufacturing continually strives to achieve customer satisfaction through compliance to all requirements in quality, delivery, cost of its products, and tools. Our team members achieve this through adherence to our Integrated Management System, legal requirements, and ethical expectations. The Leadership team works to continually improve the ArtiFlex Integrated Management System and monitors its effectiveness. ArtiFlex puts safety for employees ahead of all else and works to improve the individual through dedication to one another. We establish and monitor quality objectives and continuous improvement goals to meet the needs of an ever-changing industry.
Erin Hoffmann
ArtiFlex Environmental Policy
  • Comply with all legal, regulatory and other requirements
  • Prevent pollution
  • Establish and review targets and objectives for the improvement and maintenance of the environment system
  • Continually improve our environment through our environmental targets and objectives

Below is a list, with links, to the quality and environmental management system certifications that our sites hold, which further demonstrates our commitment not only to our customers but our employees and communities.

Quality:  IATF 16949
Environmental:  ISO 14001

Quality:  TS 16949
Environmental:  ISO 14001

Quality:  IATF 16949
Environmental:  ISO 14001

Grand Rapids
Quality:  ISO 9001:2008