The ITS division of ArtiFlex Manufacturing is responsible for the design, engineering, construction and tryout of new tooling. ITS is primarily focused on tooling for difficult to manufacture products made from Advanced High Strength Steel, Aluminum, large complex progressive dies, and deep drawn transfer and/or Class A surface tooling. Experience developing new solutions and innovative approaches is why ITS is a leader in the field.

ITS offers the customer a very competitive way to achieve lower costs through offshore content utilizing its network of tool shops in Asia.  The benefits to the customer are very clear -- The best in the industry engineering and quality with local support and finalization.

Case Studies
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  • Tier One Supplier selects ITS for engine cradle transfer tools originally deemed not manufacturable
  • Tier One Supplier selects ITS to develop innovate progressive stamping tool to combine three existing parts into one complete stamping
  • OEM selects ArtiFlex for low volume tooling solution to eliminate prototype tooling
Stamping Dies

Our capabilities cover a large range of die sizes; from small brackets and components to large body sides, hoods or bumpers including class ”A“ capabilities. Our tooling is used in the automotive, agricultural, appliance and large truck industries. We have two die build facilities in which one is dedicated to building small to medium dies and the other is dedicated to building medium to large dies. We are committed partner to our stamping customers, delivering high value solutions that lead to profitable stamping operations.

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Checking Gages and Fixtures
Our program management team effectively manages the design and build of the part and assembly checking gages and fixtures. The team is also involved in actively managing weld and assembly fixtures and Robotics systems. With this combined management we are able to keep component, Gage, fixture and assembly processes vertically integrated and within customer tolerances and requirements; which enables programs to be delivered more quickly and more cost effective.

Tryout Services
Our 18 presses range from a 250 ton to a 1600 ton. We are staffed with a highly trained tryout team at each facility with the knowledge to be a viable resource to our customers during their die trials. We also provide full service tryout capabilities for customers who need die finalization.

Offshore Build Programs
We are partnered with vendors in China and Korea to facilitate our offshore build programs. Our continued relationship with these vendors has strengthened our ability to offer quality dies for our customers. ArtiFlex personnel work side-by-side these partners to ensure the product meets or exceeds our customers’ expectations.